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Read it, Hear it, Say it!

Interactive Spanish allows you to learn to speak Spanish online with our unique Read it, Hear it, Say it method. Since most communication is done in the present tense, book one uses an easy to learn teaching method to cover the present tense. It is not necessary to memorize the words. Repetition in each lesson is enough to learn as you go from one lesson to the next. The lessons are built on the foundation of being able to pronounce a word or phrase is the secret to remember its meaning. Simply put, if you can’t say a word or phrase you won’t be able to remember its meaning. Each lesson is digitally recorded to allow the student to practice listening comprehension and pronunciation by repeating after the teacher.

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Meet Your Teacher!

Señor Crawford learned Spanish in the same way that he teaches Spanish. For each lesson you will listen to a digital audio and repeat sentences in Spanish. Following each sentence there is a question that is answered with a complete Spanish sentence. When pronunciation of the sentence and answer are mastered the student will write the answer in Spanish. This is the See it, Hear it, Say it Write it learning method that Señor Crawford used to learn Spanish. Señor Crawford learned Spanish in the USA then lived in Spain, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Mexico. After living in Spanish countries Alvin, returned to Miami. Florida and earned a Master’s degree in Modern Language Education. “One thing is certain; language cannot be learned in the average public school classroom. There is not enough time to allow each student to speak the language.” The See it, Hear it, Say it Write it method, used by InterActive Spanish, allows unlimited time to learn the skills needed to become a fluent Spanish speaker.

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